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My first Scott Sigler experiance

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    yes i just finished listening to the podcast of infected, loved it so much i’m now listening to contagious just to find out what happens, and i’ll be eager to get hold of pandemic if it comes out in a podcast, as i never have time for reading, audio books are my only medium.

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    This was also my first Scott story and it hooked me rather thoroughly, although i agree that Perry is one of my least favorite characters. It’s sort of balanced out by the fact that Dew is one of my favorites.

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    Shut your mouth! But I’m talking about Dawsey! He’s a complicated man, and no one understands him but his woman.


    Seriously, he’s not meant to be Gandhi. He’s a character you’re supposed to hate, then feel sorry for, then end up rooting for by the end of the book. That’s just my moderately humble opinion.


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    I’ve been keeping up with the podcasts, and if I like this one and it’s concluding book well enough I think I’ll buy the trilogy, despite finding the first in the series so lackluster by comparison.

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  • You will probably like Contagious 
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Strangely it’s also my least liked story.  I found Perry Dawsey to be a throughly detestible character and he was very nearly the sole participant in the book.  While the story being told was very interesting, it struck me as being very similar to Resivoir Dogs, in that almost the entire story takes place in a small room.

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