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My conversation with Yahoo chat bot

    • chasekelley5:hey u there? :)

    • LadyBane:yep

    • chasekelley5::-) hey

    • LadyBane:what’s up?

    • chasekelley5:whats
      up, I found your screename on a member directory of social sites..not
      sure which one cause it bundles them all together lol

    • LadyBane:Huh, where you from?

    • chasekelley5:Well i’m from Cali, Modesto to be exact…

    • LadyBane:Do you know LL Cool J? He sings about Cali.

    • chasekelley5:whats a bot?

    • LadyBane:So when do you ask for my credit card number so I can see dirty, dirty pictures of you that would make your dad cry?

    • chasekelley5:pics are old skool hehe, i like to do cam 2 cam :) i’m online right now im the main girl u see there, verify your account by clicking “Verify” on the bottom left and we’ll be able to cam together ;)

    • LadyBane:Do you accept Canadian quarters?

    • chasekelley5:i am bored at home…and this usually leads to bad things haha ;)

    • LadyBane:Yah, for me too. Like the time I made a tuna fish sandwich but only had catfood and mustard in my pantry.

    • chasekelley5:well…i kinda have a fetish for being on camera, do you like to cam at all?? ;)

    • LadyBane:I’ve
      never let myself get emotionally or sexually involved with an inanimate
      object… though there was that one time… at band camp.

    • chasekelley5:how big are you?

    • LadyBane:I wear a women’s size 9 extra wide tenni. Yah, I’m that big. It’s true.

    • chasekelley5:have
      you ever used MyRandomCam? its a free site that uses yahoo cam to let
      us chat live and do whatever we want without anyone seeing hehe..

    • LadyBane:So, do you accept food stamps? I have an EBT card that has about $34.67.

    • chasekelley5:whats a bot?

    • LadyBane:Just so you know, I have watched “I, Robot” and “The Terminator”. I know that you have every intention of killing me.

    • chasekelley5:not the last time i checked

    • LadyBane:Wow,
      I am so relieved. I was afraid you were going to chase after me in a
      bloody, but still sexy nurses uniform and stab me with your white high

    • chasekelley5:when was the last time you had any

    • LadyBane:Any what?

    • chasekelley5:here, click this, this is my link on there
    • LadyBane:So if I type the words fake, bot, not real are you going to respond with false niavety and say “What’s a bot?”

    • chasekelley5:24/f/Houston
    • LadyBane:Do you work for Skynet? Are you tracking my IP address!!!!???

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