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My college essay! (And showing some sigler love in the process!)

  • of a friend who works in admissions at ASU. (I sincerely hope you don’t mind, no names were used.) She said that it was very nicely done. Brief yet succinct. She got an excellent ‘feel’ for the writer in just a few words.      

    Good job!            


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    For all of your feedback. And we can only hope that we get a junkie admissions agent!!! I should know in the next 2 weeks wether or not i got into my top pick….im so nervous.

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    I like the fact that you took something that most everyone does each night, listening to the radio while going to sleep, and gave more meaning to it. For most of us it’s just background noise but for you it’s given direction for your life. 

    This isn’t really help as far as a thesis goes, just my opinion on your story. 

    I like the way you laid out your life story in the first paragraph and then how you showed them what got you interested in broadcasting. The mention of Scott was a nice touch too! I hope that somebody reviewing it at your future school is a Junkie. How cool would that be?

    You had some minor grammar and spelling errors in there, but it shouldn’t count against an otherwise excellent essay.

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    In case anybody is intrested, this is my college essay that i have sent to the New England School of Communications (my yop pick) I’m plannning on going for on air broadcasting, to which i owe ina great debt of gratitude to Scott fo, as cliche as it sounds’ inspiring me and Really sparking my intrest in broadcasting in the first place. This one’s for you FDO.

    “Every individual on the planet has their own set of unique circumstances and requisites surrounding their personal lives. While some situations may be more difficult or more challenging to work around then others, I believe that it is our own personal struggles in life that defines us. I have been in residential care for the past 5 years; I have lived in group homes, foster homes, and everything in between. Its not would most people would call “normal”, but it’s what I’ve come to know as home. I grew up living my mother and sister for a large portion of my life. My dad was never really in the picture which I have since decided was probably for the best. We didn’t really had much money growing up, however that’s not to say that I didn’t have an enjoyable childhood; I just had to be more creative about it. Despite having moved around frequently when I was younger, there aren’t many places I would call home. I have lived at the Nashua Children’s Home for the better part of 3 years, and this is the only place I would ever truly call home. Some of the people I have met during my stay here, such as the staff members, fellow residents, and members of the community, are some of a small number of people I could ever call family. Over the course of my rather, what some would call “abstract” life, I have experienced several astounding moments and met many amazing people that not everyone would have met or experienced in an “ideal” living situation.  I wouldn’t trade these people or experiences for the world. While there have been times where I wasn’t sure if any good would ever come from the situation I found myself in, I believe it has shaped the person I have become and has helped define me as the individual I am today.
       The first roommate I had in residential care had an extensive collection of old time radio serials of “The Shadow” on cassette. We would often alternate with listening to those and Dr. Drew and Adam Carolla’s “Love Line” every night before falling asleep. I found myself particularly fascinated with how eloquently a message or story could be conveyed using only one’s voice. Orson Welles and Scott Sigler have also been long time idols of mine, Welles for his immense body of classic works, and Sigler for his extraordinary use of grassroots viral marketing for his voice driven works. I have since realized that my love for old time radio storytelling coupled with interest in broadcasting coincide perfectly with one another. This is where my decision to further pursue broadcasting began. I often find myself thinking about how fascinating it would be to work as a literal “paid personality”. The ability to captivate an audience by simply speaking is a skill shared by few people and pursued by even less.
      My goals in broadcasting are to advance my knowledge of the field and to be able to experience a more hands on approach to the technological aspects of the profession. Studio work would a great learning experience, as I am also greatly interested in learning how to use the equipment required to keep a studio operating at a professional level.
      As far as my career goals are concerned, my two ambitions have always been to ether break into the field of voice acting or to work as a DJ at a local radio station. Talk radio in particular especially interests me due to the stimulating conversation and mental acuteness it requires. No matter where life takes me afterwards, I hope that my college experience is a meaningful one that I can take with me for years to come long after I have graduated, in the hope of an enriching career in broadcasting."

    Any and all feedback is always appreciated, thanks guys.

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