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multiple emails

  • I think gmail just counts the number of times the thread changes which is a lot in the story written one to three words at a time.

    You actually can opt out for the auto-subscription already. Go to MyAccount -> Edit -> Account Settings and check your subscription settings at the bottom:

    [img_assist|nid=674|title=subscription settings|desc=|link=none|align=middle|width=416|height=175]

    We could opt out of notification instead of automaticly getting signed up for every post!
    OH ROBBIE ya hear me?

    Hey waylander001

    I’ve been trying to reproduce this bug for quite a few weeks. Could you please forward me a bunch of such emails to ? Did you fix that issue by unsubscribing to a particular event? or do you still get plenty of notification emails?

    I think there must be some serious bug when subscribing to a particular thread / category type / whatever. I’m stilly trying to figure out which one this might be and how how to summon this behaviour so i can fix that.



    just get notification of each new posting
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    The Math god

    hi guys is it just me or when you subscribe to the topics on this site you get bucket loads of repeated emails and i mean by the hundred!

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