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MuchAdo needs help!

  • Downloading a trial of PrintMaster Express now to see if it does the job.

    I’ll have a root about the net and see if i can find a trial version.  Will let you know if I find one.

    Thanks Stephen.  I knew you needed one of those programs but can’t find anyone who has them.  I haven’t been able to find a free trial version as of yet.

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    .sig images are Broderbund Sign Files. You need Broderbund graphics software, such as PrintMaster or The Print Shop.

    They may have trial versions on their site that would allow you to open the file and resave it 🙂

    Hope that helps,


    Yes, I need help in more ways than one but if someone could help me with one particular problem, I would be closer to being fixed.  So someone sent me a picture that is a .sig extension.  This is a picture of a distant relative for my genealogy.  Does someone have a program that could open the picture and if so, would you be able to save it as a gif, tif, or jpeg to send back to me?

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