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Much to my surprise!

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    Mc B. Well, they offered it but the cash wasn’t the same as the original offer so to move from NYC for less wouldn’t work. If you don’t want to take the tour tell the addmission guy you just want to buy a hat. There are some convoluted passage ways to get to the gift room but it’s cool anyway. Thanks for asking though.

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    OH! cool story. I’m dropping by this weekend to get my hat.


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      (I think)



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    of the hat! Please.

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    That is interesting Siglervangelism.

    See what I did there? Sigler Evangelism. Yeah. Thank me.

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    Mc B. It’s been a couple of months and my hat and I have been around town. But from highs to the low which will now be described you never know where it will catch that discerning eye. About a week ago I was up in Spanish Harlem for a reunion of low paid city emploees who have moved on to other endeavors, when Jerry the barkeep reminds us that it is 8:15 in the a.m. so if your leaving the bar for a smoke leave your drinks inside as there are kids passing by to go to the nearby school. So outside Iam with a drink when a mom and her kid walk by, she sees the hat and yells, " Sigler, right?" Steve Sigler right?"! So as I’m telling her no it’s Scott when her brother starts yelling at her for talking to some guy outside a bar at 8:15 in the morning especially when he’s got two drinks in his hand. She smiles and walks away and the kid turns around and yells down the street "bye Scott!" love this hat!

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    When the book comes out, Nocturnal would be a great item to sell along side the hats.
      Is that even something that could be arranged?
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    i guess what they say is so true. when you live somewhere you never go where the tourists go.


    same thing happened in Hawaii. we were stationed their for 4 years and finally the last week before we left, mom was dragging us around the island seeing all the touristy things.


    OK, so i should go see the boat. get a hat for MuchAdo and then I can say I have been there. (i see it often from the road.) 


    way to catch the sights McB while you were here. 

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    have to get one of those hats!!!!

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    What a great thing to do while you were out there…and it’s nat to hear that they’ve heard from other fans of the FDO as well. Oh and great job pimping sigler’s site too…you are an uber-junkie!


    –Gmork (MP, CA, WC, TG, MoGC, AAGC, PWTG, TBG)

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    Mc B. You are correct!

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    Is that you should have ended your "who else should I share it with" with a question mark.

    Pedantic, yes, I know. So shoot me. Or infect me with triangles. Or infect me with yaks.

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    So I’m in SF for a job interview getting breakfast at the farmers market along the Embarcadaro when I see this old timer who is beyond my 51 years wearing a Jeremiah OBrien hat. So naturally I ask where did you get it, he says right down the street. I guess I should not have been surprised as I took the tour and bought the hat but I was. The woman who ran the gift shop said that there were several other people who had come in claiming to be disciples of the FDO, well that was it but it felt really cool being there I also gave the woman on the boat and two others the web site. There’s my story weird but true, I don’t necessarily feel there should be a response to this one but who else could I share it with. Mc B out.

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