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Mt. Fitzroy question for Scott

  • Thanks peoples !! I just got it just starting to listening to it now !! I’m guessing it isnt recorded in the closet of doom then !! Was it recorded at a book reading or somthing?

    Rest assured…

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     It’s in Bloodcast Season 1. Still available on Podiobooks.

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    I think Wolf means the reading scott did of the prologue (or was it first chapter?) of MT. Fitzroy a looong while back.  If memory serves me it was done at one of the Lit Crawls out that way.  I feel ashamed that I don’t seem to have it anywhere. 🙁

    I don’t remember listening to this and it isnt in my itunes file… where might i procure this particular episode…?

    I don’t mean to lay any more shit on you than you already have working, but are you going to rerecord episode #1 of Mt. Fitzroy? The audio quality is a bit lacking because you seem to be reading it in a subway or something.

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