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    Dude turning the crypt into a vidoe or movie would be badass. I could imagine all the massive fights, also seeing a giant ki done in really good special effects coming at you on a giant theater screen would be the scariest thing in the world.

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    If I hit a big enough lottery I will pony up some money to get something made… LOL! The infected series would be awesome! The Rookie should be a TV show on syfy or something…

    Sometimes a bad guy is the only good guy you get.

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    I think this would be a great movie. Its really hard not to picture a movie from Scott’s books especially when you listen to poodio version after youve read them.

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    I can see these guy getting into trouble every week, and with each book being an entire season, Scott could expand on the world and give us more football awesomeness.


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    YES i want to see an infected series of movies out! that would be great!

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    First I need to let you know when I got a shoutout after an Ancestor episode it seems that you think my username is in regards to a sexual innuendo. It’s actual because the band TOOL is one of my favorites. You can use it to call me an idiot, but I wanted to know if you have anything forthcoming about a movie for any of the books you have written. I really dig the GFL series. I’m waiting for the xbox 360 game for it… forget madden Laughing

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