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More Ring Tones Please

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    Thanks Insignificant B,

    I missed that thread and may use a few!

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    There are (apparently) a bunch of sites where you can make your own ringtones for free, like phonezoo and myxer. But I would also try reading this thread for more information. 🙂

    EDIT: Wait. I’m confuzzled. Are you asking about quotes to use? Sorry about ^that^ answer. xD In that case, I second the ones RohiPnol mentioned in the linked thread. I was thinking about them before, but they typed them before I felt motivated enough, too. 😛

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    In each of the FDO’s audio books, there are quotes that would make great ring tones. Some quotes are funny, some are aerie and some are just plain freaky. The Infected ring tones can still be found at:, but I would like to see more. For example, Pookie says things like:

    “Its about fucking time you called.”

    “Take a fucking Zanax Already you nut case.”

    “I am not in the mood for a suspenseful story right now.”

    There are many other quotes from the Crypt, Ancestor, The Rookie and Earthcore that would be equally good. Any suggestions?

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