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Mistakes in the MVP *possible spoilers*

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    We fixed these issues for the eBook and paperback, I believe. Quentin no longer thinks that the Creterakians are “military.” Bats are allowed on the planet, however. The tricky part is that in the back of THE ROOKIE, it lists Quyth planets as “Creterakian controlled.” Only the free stations (OS1, OS2, etc.) are under the heading “Non-Creterakian controlled.” So it’s a discrepancy dating way back. We are ret-conning this so that Creterakians are on Ionath, but no military, and Creterakians do not control Ionath or any other Quyth planet.

    Yes, we fixed the Messal the Efficient mistake. Everyone just whiffed on that one, including me and the continuity editor.

    I think the bats in Chapter 11 were part of the GFL security team.

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    Btw, the error about the Quyth Leader has been fixed in the ebook.

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    Another item is that when John Tweedy has a “run in” with a Hittoni player on the field, that player is identified as a “she”. Later, when John and Q are talking, that player is referred to as a “he”.

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    I’m about 1/3 of the way into the book and I’ve noticed two pretty glaring errors that run counter to established canon in the GFL series. First, Messal the Efficient is described as “a three-foot tall Quyth Leader”, when we all know that he is actually a four-foot tall Quyth Worker.

    Second, in the beginning of chapter 11 Quentin observes “a flock of five Creterakians cross from one side of the [Ionath] stadium to the other, too high up for him to see if they were civilians or military.” Once again, we all know that the Quyth Concordia is not under the rule of the Creterakian Empire and that there is no Creterakian military presence on any Concordia planets, so it doesn’t make sense that Quentin would even consider this. I’ve noticed similar errors in the previous GFL books as well. Has anyone else caught any inconsistencies like this?

    Now I’m not trying to be overly critical or anything, but glaring inconsistencies in the established events, characters, settings, and relationships of the ‘verse like these really stand out. Maybe it’s just me, but it really pulls me out of the story when my internal “canon conflict alarm” goes off. Also, I’m not entirely blaming the FDO for these. He’s a busy guy with a metric crap-ton of stuff on his chest, but the folks who are supposed to be editing these stories for consistency really should be catching and correcting these mistakes before the final draft goes off to the printers.

    I know it can be difficult to edit when you are a fan of the author because you tend to get caught up in the story. When Scott tapped me to be an SA for the rewrite of Ancestor, I had to stop and back up several times while proofreading the second draft because I realized that I had shifted from “checking for accuracy” to “reading the story.” Come on editors, you folks gotta step up your game. The big publishing houses don’t allow for these kinds of mistakes, and neither should Dark Overlord Media (which I firmly believe has the potential to give them a run for their money).

    Also, did anyone else have a fold-over on the back inside flap of the dust jacket or a weird little extra bit of paper on the bottom corner of page 97/98?

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