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Missed Houston stop for a funeral. :(

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    Hey all you fellow Junkies.  I had planned on attending the Houston booksigning, and I was going to bring 3 friends, people I work with that I got hooked on the FDO after Infected came out last year.  But as fortune would have it, my grandmother passed away Monday and attending the services made it impossible for me to attend the booksigning.  And when I didn’t make it, the others didn’t make it either, but we were there in spirit.  Now I made it to the first book tour, and come hell or highwater I’ll be at the next after the third hardcover is released next year, but events transpired to prevent my attendance for this one.  I’ll be super pissed if Houston wins the contest, but thems the breaks.  Maybe the FDO will have sympathy and kill me anyway.  So Scott, if you read this, and you end up murdering the Houstonites, remember me, Travis Hamilton, I was there in spirit.    Seriously, though, hope we put some good numbers up there for H-town again (Last spring Houston held the title in attendance).  Take care, Junkies.

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