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Mid story (Between the Starter and the all-pro)

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    Details (such as they are) on Mur’s contribution to the GFL universe can be found here:

    Not too much information; at SiglerFest, Mur indicated she was given a lot of flexibility in the assignment. But it does seem to focus on Yolanda Davenport, not so much the Orbiting Death’s football prowess. It remains to be seen, I suppose.


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    Mur Lafferty is writing an interim story between THE STARTER & THE ALL PRO, but I do not think it takes place on Orbital Station One. If I’m recalling correctly, it features the beautiful investigative reporter (Miranda Richardson?) who makes Quentin nervous. She is pursuing some sort of murder to find out the who and why, I think. I may be a bit off, however. I’m writing this without referencing anything.


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    I would like to know if there will be a story about Orbital Station one, and their movement into tier 1.

    Not just, if they make it, but almost like another book, dedicated to their success, or defeat.

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