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Michael Kimberlin Jersey Number?

  • The stars did not align financially at that time, so alas, I’m still without my jersey. I have high hopes this Christmas. I have my eye on the Away Jersey. Love that orange. And plus everyone at my workplace are Bengals fans, so I’m want to see how long it will take them to realize I’m wearing the jersey of a fictional football team instead of a similarly-colored Bengals jersey. 😀

    I’m glad someone posted this because that’s the exact same question I had. Now I just have to figure out if I want the Home or Away Jersey

    Hell, yeah! I want a picture of that bad boy once you get it!

    Thanks a bunch! 😀 Looking forward to The Champion! Pandemic was awesome.

    Kimberlin is #71. Enjoy!

    I don’t believe his number has ever been mentioned, to be honest. Many haven’t.

    I want to get a jersey with my favorite character (Michael Kimberlin), but I found that the Siglerpedia does not have his jersey number. Does anyone know if the MVP has Kimberlin’s jersey number? As much as I want Kimberlin on my jersey, my mild OCD demands that I get the right jersey number. 🙂 If Kimberlin’s jersey number hasn’t been mentioned in the books yet, I’ll probably go with Barnes.

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