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Method book reading

  • Great image!

    The pus is always greener…

    and giving blood/plasma (college student at the time) and the pump disconnected and my blood was all over the floor. 


    I AM not just junkie, I AM a pusher man (6060 and climbing) & I AM Sadocks Tangent Brother.

    to the circumstances, but damn was The Hot Zone an incredible read.

    "So do you guys have Battletoads..?"

    Does anybody else have methods to make the reading experience deeper?

    I started listening to Contagious the same day I had a couple of skin tags on my neck frozen with liquid nitrogen. The frostbitten itching and burning was exactly how I imagined a triangle infection.  It made me remember the first time I read The Stand by Stephen King, in high school, the week when everybody around was getting hit by the flu, and hacking up great gobs of green phlem.

    Or the time I read The Shining while snowed in up in Crestline.

    Or the time I read the first few chapters of Hot Zone, while on an airplane, and that guy in the book starts liquifying from the inside from Ebola, while on an airplane.

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