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Mastercard Advert

  • I know, its crazy, I imagine you get a discount if you buy more than one, or maybe they’ll accept magic beans

    Seriously? £3,500 for a single smelly ass cow? WTF? Man suddenly steak seems sooooo cheap.

    Death, chaos and mayhem, the music of the night

    One cow for experimentation – £3,500.00 (Believe it or not that is the price for one cow, one stinking stupid cow, what a rip)

    A crazy plan to tackle the problem of lack of doner organs – £6 Billion

    Creation of a evil and pretty pissed off creature from the past – Priceless

    Becoming a Junkie through podcasty goodness……. $0 on Mastercard

    Buying books to support the FDO, in hopes of shortening the way to his destruction of humanity…. approx $130 plus shipping, on Mastercard

    The look on Mom’s face when you show up to Xmas Dinner in a Krakens Jersey, with a nice, new “Property of the FDO” tattoo on your forehead… Priceless

    The FDO’s greatness is free… For everything else, there’s Mastercard

    – A fond and fair adieu to all… Till the FDO’s day comes… Then we all gets to run bitches! 😛

    That’s really good. Unsurprisingly.

    Death, chaos and mayhem, the music of the night

    Five years releasing a free podcast? At least $200,000 in labor.

    Five years of people listening to a free podcast? An estimated $1 million in lost productivity.

    Two hundred M1 Abrams tanks painted a jaunty orange-and-black plaid? $120 million.

    The dead stare on the face of the world’s poplation when I gas them bitches? PRICELESS!

    I’m sitting at work here and it dawned on me that Scott could have his own Mastercard advert. You know those ones that end, ‘for everything else there’s Mastercard.’


    FDO podcasts Free
    headphones £10
    iPod £90
    The look on their face when they first hear The Crypt – Priceless

    Come on junkies, what can you come up with?

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