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Making It Right?

  • sorry, honestly i wasn’t trying to be nasty about it.

    Here i removed anything negative sounding i said.

    This isn’t the FARK forums, we try to refrain from flaming each other here.

    Abaddon, Baphomet, Samael, “that bitch who stole my wallet”… I am known by many names.

    Sgt. Renee Jordan PUMC, PUV James Keeling

    THE ROOKIE ebook to go with the free THE STARTER i got. It looks real nice having THE STARTER and THE ROOKIE on my ereader.

    Hmm chalupa…the rookie…chalupa…the rookie. You know what, i got enough for both.

    To the mighty FDO thanks for the info. I don’t mind paying the extra and I don’t mind taking crap from the FDO. To the “Nemesis0” get a life. The world isn’t going to end by asking a question. Besides if your brain cells were not deep fried in pork fat you might realize if I am asking the question maybe I do help “the cause.” Oh, yeah maybe the guy must own a copy of both books if he is asking the question, could have run through your neophyte brain. The day I stop asking questions is the day I stop learning.

    Combat Cook

    34 ID

    No, we are not going to “make it right” for THE ROOKIE. Oh, wait, we kind of already did with a free, unabridged podcast of the full audiobook.

    Skip a trip to Taco Bell and save up the $7.99 needed to buy THE ROOKIE eBook. I love a chalupa as much as the next guy, but come on already.

    An ebook of the Rookie would be killer.

    One shot one kill? Please, I don’t have that kind of time.

    I love the fact that you made it right with “The Starter.” Are you going to make it right with “The Rookie?”

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