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Making a full Krakens roster in Madden19

  • For the last few days I have been working on editing a team in Madden19 to have the full starting roster for the krakens. Trying to match speed and size as much as I can with the alien races (pretty shucking hard) if anyone is interested in seeing the final product in action let me know! I think it will come out pretty cool!

    On a side note to those who play video games the closest I’ve come to playing a game that roughly emulates different races and danger of the GFL the game Mutant football league is an absolute must play. I just wish they had a create a player option. Maybe Mr. Scott Sigler himself can get ahold of the creators to make a GFL game next? They already have the mechanics down, changing the races to match the series wouldnt be much of a task.

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