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Make the Login/Register work again in the Siglerpedia

  • I would like to offer my thoughts on the spam situation on the wiki.

    When the Siglerpedia was open, Gmork spent hours banning individual IPs, and deleting spam content. This process can be automated, with a number of different MediaWiki extensions to choose from in order to accomplish it. It’s not guaranteed to catch 100% of the spam issues, but would a take very large work load off Gmork or anyone else working on it.

    This, with the antispam measures you’re already taking, I think the wiki could be open again.

    My two cents.

    Thanks for explaining the spam issue, because I was totally ignorant to that. I’ve sent that email requesting to help again.

    Sorry for not completely explaining. I’m not saying the wiki hasn’t changed in the last few years, as I’ve worked with Gmork in the past to make a ton of updates. My account even had Sysop credentials at one time. Given my history with the wiki, I am well aware that there are many who care about it. What I was trying to say was that the MediaWiki software had not been upgraded in five years. I was concerned about this, because of the unfixed security issues in this deprecated and unmaintained version. When I expressed my concern about this to Robbie a few years ago, it seem to me as if he had general lack of interest to the wiki. This is where I got the idea that there was a “lack of interest/ given up from the site admins”. Sorry for the confusion.

    We do have folks who work, and work very hard, on the wiki. We also have legions of spammers who attack it every time we open the registration.

    Not sure if you’ve been focusing exclusively on the wiki but if you have spent any time around here you’ll know that we have been fighting off spammers for a little over a year. If you’ve been here recently you’ll see that we’re finally consistently winning that fight.

    One thing we did so we could focus our efforts and take back the site was to shut down the login for the wiki so the spamming couldn’t happen. I see you don’t like that decision, and that’s your right.

    If you want to do something other than point out that it doesn’t work your way, then you can email and she can figure out the best way you can help. Or email A at and say “I’d like to help”, as several other people have. In the time since the wiki’s been locked down, which has been about four months, we’ve added several people wanting to help.

    I will say that just because the “admins” didn’t do what you asked, it’s unfair to say there’s a lack of interest or that anyone’s “given up”. Gmork works hard on the wiki, and there’s tons of new stuff and updated stuff in there in the past three to five years that you’ve been so disappointed.

    Yeah, I think they’ve given up on the wiki; hasn’t been upgraded in almost five years. About three years ago I tried reviving it. There was a lack of interest from the admins (at leased the one admin that I was in contact with) then, and it looks like that’s still the case. Of course its more broken at the moment than it was three years ago. I just wish they would take the time fix the wiki.

    Ah, so this is why I can’t register. Been poking about to try to figure it out so I could add stuff to the Siglerpedia…

    The wiki doesn’t and never did allow for account registration directly on the wiki. Back in the day, users would have to register on the main site, and the wiki would use an extension (Drupal Account Connect or something like that) that would create corresponding wiki accounts to new accounts on the main site. As far as I can tell, this is no longer working. Also, I am no longer able to log into the wiki with my long established account.

    This leaves me with no edit access to the wiki. My current account doesn’t work, nor can I create a new one.

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