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Magnus: The Poet?

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    I made the following two years ago and presented it to Scott. See if you can tell why he liked it. It’s a shame this didn’t make it into the print version; maybe something found in the future?

    Twisted Clarity

    Frustration mixed with confusion
    Makes everything seem so unclear.

    Raging hatred wells up inside
    And was spawned from all my fears.

    I must be the paragon;
    The wielder of self-control and power.

    Alone, I sit in front of my desk
    Inside my glass tower.

    "Think . . . think . . . think!"
    I must relax and clear my head.

    The fog, oh the fog
    That makes me see in red!

    Where is it,
    That bless’d blade
    Which is my only friend?

    Come nigh unto me,
    Hear my anguished cries,
    And make this torment end!

    That biting edge,
    That sweet sensation
    Of the creation of a new wound;
    The pecefulness,
    The heartfelt bliss,
    And knowing that it will be over soon.

    "Deeper . . . deeper . . .
    Must go even deeper!"
    No more, Foolish Fog, shall I be haunted.

    The mist subsides
    As blood oozes from my thigh.
    "Oh God," how I have wanted this!

    "Thank you . . .
    Thank you . . .
    Thank you!"

    All is well.
    I am in control.
    I know what needs to be done.

    I place my knife
    Within its sheath;
    The victory is won.

    "Thank you . . .
    Thank you . . .
    Thank you."

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