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Loved the end of CRYPT: Book 1 (Spoiler alert!)

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    I can say without reservation that I am hooked.

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    This book (overall) may be my favorite. I was listening to an old q&a podcast SS did on Infected and he mentioned how no character was safe. I do like the fact that anyone can go; it keeps the suspense up though it does suck to see a good character die.

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    The FDØ never skimps on karma, good luck, bad luck, or assholes getting there just desserts. Sometimes people get away with things and sometimes a good guy dies a horrible death. Kids can be killed, women may die, bad guys might get to live another day. He writes fiction but at least he gets the reality of life into his books, Life isn’t fair!
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    unexpected yet awesome! 1 of my favourite episodes
    — Death, chaos and mayhem, the music of the night

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    Nice to see someone get what they have coming after a whole book of people getting used as scapegoats.

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