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Love Love Love

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    …was a great book. It’s been years simce I read it, but I think you’ve inspired me to go re-read it now. Great exploration story, and Earthcore is very much on-par with it.

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    Someone PLUH-LEES record everything!!!

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    going to relisten to the FDO’s entire library before SiglerFest in the hopes that it helps me if I’m involve in Junkie Jeopardy.

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    And I really enjoyed it… again!

    I was interesting this time though, because after listening to The Tank, The Rookie and The Starter, EarthCore means so much more. Love the interconnectedness of all the worlds.

    After years passing since I first listened to EarthCore, I was also confused as to why the long awaited sequel was named Mt Fitzroy. After listening to the podcast again, I had forgotten Mt Fitzroy is actually mentioned in EarthCore! I love finding something new each time i relisten to a podcast Laughing

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    Let’s see…….




    The Crypt

    The Rookie

    Title Fight

    The Starter


    Bloodcast I & II


    Blood Is Red……..

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    Dont think i have been grasped by a story of exploration and discovery like this since Rendezvous With Rama. A different scenario, i grant, but Earthcore had something great in every chapter and the pace was fabulous. High Praise to Scott for not only the writing but great delivery on the podcast. What Next?

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