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love it

  • So I have been chopping at the bit for the audible release of this book.
    And now I have it.

    Scott you are awesome, great job on this story. I gaves you my money yesterday and today I’m about 5 hours from completion.
    Yes scott is awesome for his narration but phil does an excellent job

    My only complaint and by that my absolutely only complaint is the internal narration that happens occasionally. Dont know if audible did it or not but the volume on it is to quiet. Its about half as loud as the normal narration.

    Its ok because its not a real lot of audio.

    When I say internal narration I speak of when it is portraying internal monologue with one of the characters.

    The story is so awesome I don’t even care about that one gripe.

    Good job scott. Cant wait till you give us more content.

    Oh and next time yo see rogan tell him thanks, which I’m sure you have many times by now but his podcast is what alerted me to you and I’m glad it did. You are awesome.

    Now stick a pin in the bloated head I just gave you 😉

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