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LOST is coming to an END!

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    not interested and never cared. sick of everyone i know always asking me if i saw this or that episode. i’ll be glad when it is done.

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    but i can understand where people are comming from it did get a little rediculous for a little bit. What really saved the show was when they were told that they had to wrap the show up in a couple of seasons. If you ditched lost because it got confusing i suggest checking it out again (or not i really dont care that much) with the knowledge that the answers are coming.

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    along time ago….started out with promise then seemed to meander around a bit then got totally lost. But thats just my opinion, with that and a buck you can go get you a soda. :p

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    lost is good. but id rather see the crypt or any thing by FDO. but if they do a FDO moive or tv show scott MUST HAVE A BIG HAND IN IT or it will come out like crap. look at the stuff that king had a big hand in. it was allways much beter. like the stand or kings remake of the shinging. miny series are the best way to go i think lets you tell a hell of a lot more then a moive .

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    Something the Lost writers need to learn is that it’s called a story Arc NOT a story cliff. You have to provide clear believable explanation through the course of the story not just a rapid, half-assed supernatural tie-in in the last 5 seconds. This why I never could get into this show.

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    As soon as you introduce gods, ghosts, demons and/or time-travel, you’re phoning in the plot as a storyteller. Why? Because there is no accountability — you just make up whatever the hell you want to finish the story. How can you get away with that? Because it’s supernatural! It’s beyond our frame of knowledge!

    Yeah, you lost the plot because there isn’t a plot. Wait till the end, they will tie it all together (or some of it, anyway) with some Babylonian God Trapped On A Prison Island Trying To Escape But He Is Stopped At The Last Second And Forced To Continue His Imprisonment But This Has Happened Before And Will All Happen Again finale.

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    It totally lost the plot. I gave up after the second series then tried again in season 6 – I actually watched all of season 6. Then season 7 started – the last one – and I got a few episodes in. That’s it, I thought. what a waste of my time.


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    I never really got into Lost.. don’t know why.

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    Lost is one of the best shows on right now. Its like a really good acid trip. Too bad it has to end……..

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