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Lose Crack Hits when editing a post?

  • How is it that Scott get points when we lose points, huh? I guess that explains why Scott has so many points if he’s pulling them down every time one of us goofs and edits… With a system like that, how will us OJ’s get points to compete with Sigler?!?

    He’s already THE “MastaPimp”!

    I do think it’s funny how it says:
    “Username lost -5 crack hits”
    “scottsigler gained +5 crack hits”

    Funny stuff. There might as well be a message that says “Scott hates editing beeyach!”

    My point exactly. This is why I would like to see some more info about the Crack Hits system on the site – (see “Crack Hits Info”


    Not too much! But leaving in the crazy misspellings and grammar errors is key in portraying the fact that one is a helpless hopeless junkie.

    Halp meh! Ay nede teh nxt buuk chaptre plz!

    its not really fair is it

    Maybe this is a “get it right the first time” kind of forum. Hmmm?

    I was wondering if it was a bug or intentional that you lose 5 crack points every time you edit your own post? I had 2 posts but was already -15 crack hits due to editing the posts to get the signature to line up correctly.

    I know the place is still being worked on, and I appreciate all your hard effort, I am just wondering if I need to worry every time I want to edit one of my posts.


    (O.o) copy Scott ‘Bunny’ Sigler into your signature to
    (}O{) help him achieve world domination…
    (_)(_) With his cookie…

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