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Los Angeles! Help a Junkie out!

  • Two people ready for a ride. Come on, Junkies — someone has to be able to help out.

    I’m in the same boat. I’m in the Miracle Mile area.

    I have never been to a Sigler tour stop, and I want to fucking go this time, because I’m in the fucking book or something.

    Alas! I am a student at UCLA with no car, and the FFDO (Fucking Future Dark Overlord) (said with love) decided to stop way the hell down in Redondododo (it’s so far away I don’t know how to spell it).
    Long story short, are there any crazy junkies in the western Los Angeles area that would want to pool (carpool, pool of blood, whatever floats yer boat) ? I will pitch in for gas and amenities such as snacks. I just want to be there! All right, that’s it. (And if I put anything else in parentheses, I’ll shoot myself)

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