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  • Hey all you other junkies out there. I know as of late, a lot of people have been worried about the participation of the junkies in the community so I thought i would reach out(for my own personal need as well) to the junkies to try and spur up more chitting and chatting, I have a blog and I have an idea but this idea involves drawing and I don’t draw couldn’t make a stick figure dance to save my soul from the FDO(who would want to) so I wanted to know if anyone would be interested in being the illustrator for this idea. no there is no money in this, and all i could provide is mounds of thanks and a hug or two(cookies are a possibility if I can get the wife rolling because like drawing i suck at baking). If you guys know of any artists junkie, or are an artist junkie yourself message me or comment here, thanks a bunch.

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