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Looking forward to an edition I can give my students

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    Although i’m not a teacher, I just got out of high school, and I know the kids your talking about. There were kids in my class that have never picked up a book in there life, never thought about it, but if they knew about this book, and were told they could use it in class because its the appropriate reading level, they’d have read it in a heartbeat. I mean, its exactly what they want. Its got cocky, trash talking, guys from beginning to end, and violence up the ass, not to mention that its football! Haha, and I agree, I wouldn’t put my signed hard-cover on a school shelf either, paperback is a good idea to try to get teachers to buy this book for their class.

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    I’ve got my hardcover of The Rookie and I totally devoured it. Loved every page of the book. So much, in fact, that I want to put it out in my classroom. I’m a ninth grade English teacher, and I’m constantly fighting to find books that I think my students will actually read and enjoy. I can think of several young men in my class who never want to pick up a book that would absolutely devour this one.

    That said, the books in a teacher’s class take some serious abuse. I don’t really mind that — it means they’re being read — but the most popular books on my shelves are in constant need of taping, mending, and eventually replacing. And the signed hardcover isn’t going to go through that punishment. I’m hoping we get a paperback edition sooner or later so I can afford to pick up several copies that’ll serve my students.

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