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Looking for a line. The LAST line.

  • Uhm…would you settle for a strongly worded note of affection, my lord? 

    "In remission for 35 days. YeeHaw!"

    Doh! Crap! The morphine’s wearing off!

    “The spread of evil is the symptom of a vacuum. whenever evil wins, it is only by default: by the moral failure of those who evade the fact that there can be no compromise on basic principles.”

    i do not know if you read/heard the whole series, but i hated how he ended it
    was really disappointed the outcome of the whole process
    private message me if you want to know more
    do not want to post spoilers, because others may like the ending and they are entitled to their WRONG opinion.

    the voices do not want to talk about it
    It’s all about the Numbers, my friends
    The Math god

    sorry darlin
    i JUST celebrated turning 5.3 decades, 30 is still young, but old enough to realize that time catches up with you and that you are NOT immortal, unlike our overlord, THE Sigmeister (DAMN HIM)

    the voices are laughing
    It’s all about the Numbers, my friends
    The Math god

    Ahhh Shit!!! I can’t find the Chicken Scissors…..

    I knew I wasn’t crazy. I used to liste to that on live 365 years ago befor Podcasts, as we know them now, and befor they started to really check on the things people broadcast. I also listened to the first 2 Harry Potter audio books that way, then I guess the internet police got them.

    So in turn my life pumps from my veins and my soul flees. I am nothing without the pain you inflict.

    I read somewhere that it changed to 47 due to inflation…
    But 42 is fine with me.

    Why yes. 42 IS the answer to life, the universe, and everything.
    Hmmm I ought to look for the audio version of the sires…

    “Lion’s Tigers and Bears!” “Oh my” – RPG’s, SIGLER and Nukes
    oh yea! That’s scary!

    What was that from…..? I remember hearing about that, and the answer was 42, but what was the question and where did that come from, aTV show, ??? Dr. Who? My mind is leaking and I guess that one just dripped out. help me……

    …Don’t suppose you can pull any strings and get me out of my upcoming 30th birthday?
    Turning 30 is so something I am NOT okay with! I’m pretty sure I was supposed to be dead by 24. 30! Bloody bloody mess of a thing.

    Um about this 42 answer (and I’m speaking to your voices on this one), isn’t that more of a question number? 3, that sounds more like an answer.
    Prove it.

    all this metaphysics is lost on a Mathematics guruh
    all answers are found in the Numbers

    YES!! THE answer IS 42!!

    and the voices have spoken
    It’s all about the Numbers, my friends
    The Math god

    A soul? Huh. A soul can only stand witness for the evolving grace of pain. Purity of soul. A gift of a God? A rebirth at birth? And by rebirth, I mutilate, captivate, and gentle the screaming mania. “I” is always so questionable when a “soul” is n/ever the answer.
    …I’d like some more, please, sir?

    My raging soul pumping the amarath of life’s blood from my now weak and failing vessel. To free my burden life as a sacrilege, if only briefly in reverence to my deity.

    Just suppose, pretend, imagine you might be saying the following;

    “I bite through my flesh, tearing with the frenzy of tribute to you.
    The bleeding validity of my own self-infection.”

    What would you pretend to imagine and propose to say next?


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