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login problems open id related

  • Sorry about the earlier posts I was just raging against technology….. No offense meant to the FDO or his loyal tech-minions.

    i’m about to retest the login. Wish me luck.

    “The second sound was a scream”


    Configuration and Module-Versions seem all OK, disabling the OpenID feature as we speak.


    not sure I can do much about it. I will have a look if there are any updates available for the corresponding drupal modules.

    I do not have time to fix the code by myself right now so it might boil down to 2 choices: live with it or disable the whole open id for the time being. I would prefer the latter one, I am not a big fan of featuritis / keeping broken features on the portal just because they are cool in theory.

    I’ll keep you updated.

    Gents, please take a breath. Pulsar will look into this soon. I apologize for the inconvenience, it’s annoying to have to reset your password.

    I still cant login normally after weeks of this fucking issue. Please fix the freaking openid login thing. Every time i want to log in I have to reset my password. It can’t only be a problem on my end.

    I have tested in IE, Fox, and Chrome. I have added and deleted a valid open id, I have used two different open id’s. Something is screwed up here, and it aint me.

    “The second sound was a scream”


    I’ve been unable to log in, and had to have my password reset twice. The non-openid login feature is broken. it constantly tries to use the openid and does not cancel. I had to get a new openid and add it to my profile in order to login.

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