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  • Yeah I know I just need more what a way to end the book 🙁

    I think that was put in there because the FDO does release the audiobooks for free via RSS/iTunes, and then in the archive. He has no idea when someone will buy/listen to the All-Pro audiobook. There may have been something similar at the end of The Rookie audiobook, mentioning The Starter. Which, if you were just listening to it now, you might go look for The Starter and listen to it also.

    3:19 The All Pro Chapter 111

    The MPV may already be available he says! Give me hope? No sorry, Here was me thinking this is awesome this mind blowingly awesome. Scott works on two books at a time. a sentient self repilacting nano-machine; wait a minute thats how we planned to explore space! This was going to be awesome; going to be then, I look and there’s not even a release date.

    What is this?

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