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Library copy

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     I would go with what you’re thinking. Either "Stolen from X library." or "Property of X library." Something like that. Make sure you get the # and let me know what it is once you do it. I’ll add it to my list I’m watching for. My ROOKIE shipment got ‘lost’ in the mail, so we are looking to make sure those numbers do not appear on eBay. 



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    So I’m looking at buying my 3rd copy (1 was for me, 1 given to Child’s Play Charity for auction) that I’m going to give to my local library. Since its a limited edition and Scott will sign them, what suggestions do you all have that I should request he put in it?

    I’m thinking something that would tell people that this book is stolen from the library if its not returned (for example on ebay, book store, etc). Or should I just leave it blank?

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