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Leekee – Is this close?

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    Bigger eyes, I think. That’s a great take on them, but maybe a tad too dinosaur like. Plus, did I forget to mention front appendages? How them bitches hold dey messageboards?

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    I can’t wait to see how it comes out. Looking at your sketch, it hits home why Quentin would freak out when he’s first interviewed by a Leekee reporter. That image could be a bit startling…especially if it was speaking Surprised

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    Yeah the spindey buggy things if I remember right. I was going to work them in when I cleaned up the sketches. Assuming I was on the right track 😛

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    I have a really hard time visualizing some of these creatures, so these kinds of art depictions are so helpful.

    One thing though… didn’t the Leekee have partner creature that they were in symbiosis with?

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    Work was slow this morning so I had a go at sketching up the leekee described in the Starter episode 9.

    Is this anywhere near what they are supposed to look like?

    (forgive the scan the photocopier was my only option)

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