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Las Vegas, baby. Yeah!!!

  • Cool beans. I will look into it. If I can make it Thursday I will take you up on the beer (and I will get second round). Also, do most people take off Sunday, or stay over to Monday?

    A bunch of us Junkies show up on Thursday night. There’s no official content that day, but junkies trickle in throughout the day, and we typically hang out in the sports bar watching Thursday night football, then go have dinner together and see a movie. That’s all on Thursday night, and then Friday morning is the first full day of SiglerFest programming.

    If you can make it Thursday, I would say go for that. I’ll even throw in an added incentive – if you show up on Thursday, I will buy you a beer. How’s that for incentive?

    Quick question about SiglerFest2k14. Hoping to make it to my first one this year and trying to judge when best to schedule flights in and out. The FridayFix said it was 10-11 Oct, the Appearances says 9-12 Oct. Are there events 9 Oct, or is it mainly the Friday-Sunday (10-12 Oct)?

    Thank you for any information and hope to see you all in Vegas in 6 months.

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