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Krakens in Blitz the League

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    That’s funny bout the spleen. Maybe he should get extra padding or something in that area.

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    From my husband:

    The game is “Blitz II, The League”, a fantasy 8 on 8 football game for
    the X Box 360. Attached are some photos of the fun I had with the
    team creator.

    There were some limitations due to being unable to create your own
    logo, town name, or actually make a Ki Linesman (A fat guy had to do,
    and tall skinny guys for the Sklorno).

    Here is my attempt at paying homage to the Orange and Black, The
    Indianapolis Krakens. As of the time of writing, they were 4-0 in
    Division 3, quickly making their way to advancing to tier 2. Denver
    is at the top of the receiver charts, and Barnes finds himself in 4th
    on the QB Chart.

    Oddly, just like the book, Quentin tries to scramble out of the pocket
    and ends up fumbling (Run the plays I call!) and Fayed would be the
    top rusher in the league if his spleen would stop bursting. It’s
    happened twice so far, so he’s only played half the games.

    Kinda spooky how video game life imitates art, huh?

    “Tek the Observant”

    He has made the Witchita WooWall Crawlers and the Denver Orbiting Death too

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