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Kool Suits

  • He was able to scurry out a hole. Especially given his spelunking experience. But then again, having lost so much money on that venture, maybe Earthcore turned to producing mining equipment invented by Angus and changed the company name to Kool Products.

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    However, he worked for EarthCore and, as any corporation with a research department would, they owned all of the designs, prototypes and marketing rights to any and all inventions of those in their employment developed on their dime. Just good bizznass.

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    A future version of Angus’ Kool Suits do indeed make their appearance as the Under Armor of the GFL, however I think it might be more that his product lived on…and maybe not Angus himself. Personally I hope the silverbugs got him!

    Just finished listening to Earthcore and thought I recognized that as the spelling from The Rookie. This leads me to believe that Angus found his way out of Funeral Mt. like the cockroach he is and lived to profit from his inventions.
    What kills us, doesn’t make us stronger.

    fit then any I listed. Volcanologist do where those spiffy shinny suits that help keep the heat out but I believe in some instances the wear a cooling suit underneath that suit for prolonged exposure. You could drive a Nascar around with out a cooling suit but 3 hours at 110+ can have ill effects (though drivers did not have anything like that until maybe 10 or 15 years ago) on the drivers and there performance. Lots of people would have a bad day if one driver passes out at 150 mph. Bottom line is that Scott’s suit is still far down the line from commercial use or possible creation. Keeping in mind that most commercialy used products can be ten and twenty years behind current lab prototypes.
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    wrong button, reply below 🙂

    I guess you’re right, but I always thought (I have done 0 research on this) that things like the suit a volcanologist would wear is more for reflecting off heat, maintaining the internal temperature inside the suit.

    The Kool Suit would be more advanced in that it actively regulates the temperature… again my terminology is off… trust me – in my head I know what I mean 🙂

    I also though of the Kool Suit as more of a “second skin” than an actual piece of attire – I can’t remember if Scott said something like that in Earthcore – but thats the image I got.

    It’s a nifty little piece technology…

    I’ve also been considering exactly how ships like the Washington D.C actually create artificial gravity – and why the crew would feel the “G” force, assuming that the artificial gravity it done on-board, close to the centre of the ship and the A.G isn’t just magnetised boots…

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    as…strong or extreme for lack of a better word. Deep sea divers use them in reverse fashion to regulate and maintain body warmth. Nascar drivers have cooling suits that they wear to cool them, and I imagine some vulcanoligist would wear something similar during research under there fire suits.[flickr-photo:id=5021674230,size=m]~Si Vis Pocum, Para Bellum – Jay-Gu-Ana, owner of the Sala Intrigue~

    I was captured an fascinated by the Kool Suit and it often enterf my “Staring off into space/avoiding work” time.

    How feasible is it? A suit that regulates its temperature underneath, while being portable and maneuverable?

    Would it most likely have some type of coolant being pumped around it like a blood supply of sorts? Or would it be more feasible to have a synthetic material that lets heat out but not in?

    And if you could figure it out, what about a reverse Kool suit that keeps one warm in extreme cold without sacrificing limb movement or speed?

    Has anyone else thought about how it would actually be made?

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