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Kindle version?

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    The Kindle does offer adjustable font size. The price is still rather high for most folks though.

    But give it a few years and I think the Kindle will be as ubiquitous as the iPod.  


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    Sweet! I was browsing through my Kindle wishlist and found that Contagious is indeed available for pre-order.

    And then I come here and of course 3 people have already posted the info. Oh well, I can now have a happy and gore filled New Year! Laughing 


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    i looked on my kindel tonight and contagious is showing up as a preorder

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    I just haven’t created the feed yet. I have 1-3 ready to go.

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    I’m all for the concept of a portable book reader version.  And before I get the "But a book’s portable enough!" comments, bear in mind that I can’t read most hardcover or paperback novels, or anything below 20-to-24-point font for that matter.  The issue that comes up is deciding on a universal format.  While PDFs are typical, some of them don’t scale well, since it may not have text awareness and is just a page-long picture.  It’d be good to get the standards ironned out first before dedicating to a device.

    If I can get a reader that’s readable with my screwed-up sight and can read Sigler’s stuff, I’m on it like Perry’s on beer.  Oh, and it has to be affodable.  Yes, I’m snotty like that. *scissorsnip*

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    I just gotta be picky on what I buy…  $50 for a bluetooth keyboard for my PocketPC, sure…  But once I get much over the $100, I gotta clear it through the wife.  <sigh>  4 kids wear a lot of clothes and eat a lot of food…

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    I guess I’ve got it. I’m a tech geek too.

    I have too many gadgets probably. But I loves technology.  


    I’m also out of room for more books. I have roughly 400+ books at this point. 

    So having digital versions is right up my ally.  But getting my book signed would be a problem. 


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    I was being retarded. I’m so used to seeing people’s pics next to their posts I somehow thought your topic post should have had one. Total brain fart on my part. Doh!

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    Maybe Y’all have the disposable income to buy stuff like that, but all my extra cash is taken up with buying print copies of Herr Sigler’s books and attending signings in far off places….  Lower the price a few hundred clams and maybe I’ll bite…

    SynapticJam on Toast – hhhmmm… tastes like chicken (aka PUVJK) #3 in crack hits (Special?  Ain’t I just)

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    I did find Infected in Kindle version at Amazon. So maybe I just need to be patient.  


    Sadock: I am male. And I do have a profile pic.

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    There was also that "limited run" Infected PDF too. 

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    I was talking to my best friend a few days back and told him that Scott released free PDFs of his books. My friend suggested that Scott release them in different formats (eg eReader) so that more people could access them. While PDF is pretty, apparently it’s a pain in the butt if you read books on your iPhone. 

    Anyways, when I really thought about it, I couldn’t think of any book besides Ancestor that had been released as a PDF. I went back and looked and that’s all that has dropped in the feed. So I believe you are incorrect about the plural sir/madam. Puke is a fairly androgynous pseudonym and you haven’t uploaded a pic, so no help there 🙁

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     I’ve read a few articles about distributing books on Kindle and it sounds like it is more expensive for the Publisher to create a distribute a Kindle version.  Also sounds like Young Adult and Children’s books are sparse on Kindle as well because the demographic purchasing that $400 thing isn’t right for those genres. 

    While the demographic doesn’t seem to be an issue with Sigler’s books I wouldn’t be surprised if the Publisher just doesn’t want to spend the development cost for a Kindle version until they know they’re going to get a decent payback. So hopefully what that means is the more we support and purchase Sigler’s books, the more incentive there will be for the publishers to produce a Kindle version.  All speculation, of course!


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    I know it’s the publisher that is responsible for this stuff, but…

    Sigler has realeased PDF’s along side the novels. So why is there no Kindle version? Come on FDO lets keep that forefront of technology title moving along.  

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