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Ki in Infected

  • I lost all of Scott’s podcast novels when my computer died (the HD melted) so when I started listening to them again by the time I got ready to listen to Infection I only had half the episodes so I tried to download Infection and found out it had been removed getting ready for the hardcover release. So I’m a little behind on that.

    but isn’t that sort of common knowledge

    [1st Dutch junkie] All that matters is getting my fix.

    He said during one of the Rookie bonus episodes someone asked that question and he said that it was the same species.


    Nine million terrorists in the world I gotta kill one with smaller feet than my sister. – John McClane

    Did anyone else notice that the creatures that come through the portal had almost the exact same description as the Ki from The Rookie universe?

    Scott was this intentional? That would be really wierd if the two linked up in the far future.

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