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Just pre-ordered mine!

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    And then there are the numb nuts who are given the chance to come aboard the Sigsteamer and when you hand them a copy of Infected as a gift, they say “Why would I want to read that?” That is when I scowl and say “YOU are unfriended!” And I didn’t even have to click on a check box to do it. Some peoples…..

    Take no prisoners. Take no ….unbelievers!

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    The Irishman from Ohio

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    That’s right fellow freeloaders and cheap bastards. Just a few more days until Ancestor is released. Follow AdamGurri’s outstanding example and get to ordering a copy…or three!!!
    Gmork – Wiki Czar and Thwackacutioner

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    After taking so much of what you give away for free, FDO, I have finally stopped being a complete freeloader, anyway–pre-ordered my copy of Ancestor, trying to get a couple of my friends hooked on the Sigler crack in time to bring them out to your book signing in DC next month.

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