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Just Listened

  • just finished my third of Sigler’s books, and have absolutley loved everyone!

    I gues I am now a Junkie!

    ~~There are many types of heros, I am one who just happens to eat brains~`

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    The only thing is: it draws you in deeper. There are actually several of them. The most well-known is called “The 12 Days of Sigmas.” Junkie Totoro, enjoy the ride!


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    I missed that!

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     and i noticed somthing intresting in chapter 6 he mention that a Jebadi Jessup staked a clam in the wawas could that be a jessup fomr nacturnal

    ~~There are many types of heros, I am one who just happens to eat brains~`

    • King Of UNdead for Sigler

    did you have the opportunity to snag yourself a copy of soon to be in Print, "The Rookie"? they are going fast. and only 3000 to be minted. Yeah! I said minted. cuz just like the Franklin Mint they are signed and Numbered and once they are gone. THAT’S IT.


    So, Welcome, Have fun and Enjoy the SiglerVerse. by the by, pay attention to the girls below. they are members of Girlco…


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    Welcome to the gang. 


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    to the flock, Junkie Totoro. Of course you do realize that there is no escape, now 12-step program, no rehab center on earth that can cure you of the jones for more Sigler Stank, right? Once the FDO has his grimy claws in you… well, like the Borg say, resistance is futile. 🙂

    So what have you listened to so far?

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    I’ve listened to 3 of Scott’s books so far and I can’t get enough of his podcasts. This book was pretty much rockin from the get go…..loved it. Now on to the next one.

    Keep up the great work Please.


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