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Just listened to it 'again'

  • Rookie and Nocturnal have the humor and that makes them the best books.


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    • pookies comments, the nicknames  of some of the characters, the sillness of some of the scenes (even if it is horrific) keeps things lively and interesting
    • Numbers are the keys that unlock the universe…

    But it keeps me interested and involved…  I like to laugh – so little of it in the world today…  For movies, I’d rather watch a good comedy than a great drama…   And Sigler shows that he has a wicked sense of humor…  Keepe "me" coming back for more…

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    • makes the CLIFFHANGERS less stressfull

    Took me about 3 days (I do have to work ya know)…  Did anyone notice that there was another pookie mentioned?  It was closer to the beginning…  I’m beginning to think that this is close to the top as one of my favorited sigler stories…  It’s got that fun factor that you just don’t really find in Ancestor or Earthcore…  Nocturnal has it too….  Is his work better with the humor in it?  What do y’all think?

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