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Just finished!

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    But does anyone else think EarthCore would make an awesome game? I am thinking along the lines of the Twilight creations zombie tile games. Players would build the playing area with tiles that form tunnels and roctopi and silver spiders are placed randomly. I am not sure (other than just last man standing) what the overall goal would be but thought it sounded like a fun concept.

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    You hear things you missed the first time.

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    In awaiting the FDO’s next release (The ALLPRO) I listened again to the audio of Earthcore.. Brought back good memories. Such a great story! The inbred roctopi are awaiting us all in Mt. Fitzroy, hopefully soon to come!

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    About visiting the WahWah’s? I bookmarked it because it was so cool! Would love to do a walkabout in the Wah Wah’s… if for nothing else, just to get the feel of what Sonny McGuiness felt 🙂

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    We ought to mark google up with… incident reports.

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    Yeah, I wish. It’s that dense mass cavern, I just can’t get my head around it. The scale is ridiculously huge.

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    The WahWah mountains are actually a real place in Beaver County, Utah. The region is home to hundreds of defunct mining tunnels some so old and precarious that they are too dangerous for even the most experience miners.

    This Google map shows the region of the Wah Wah mountains where EarthCore takes place. Check out the satellite view as well … it gives a good picture of how the region looks as if you were flying over it. Sadly no street view Wink
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    Why don’t you draw us a good one. Then we can have something to refer to next time we listen. Maybe your map will show up in print version some day

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    But every story has it’s own unique place in my heart. Enjoy listening to the rest of the FDO’s work. And of course go out and buy his dead tree editions. Welcome to the land of the Junkie…….

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    Just finished Earthcore!

    I have to admit, I loved it. It’s even better knowing that this all takes place in the larger Sigleverse, and now I will be all the more curious and attentive to the little clues of where the roctopi show up.

    I also have to admit that the location of the dense mass cavern was bigger than I could onto in my imagination, is there a map of this thing out there?

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