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Just a request…

  • I saw your mistake, I fixed it for you!  

    Pulsar said: 

    " please, DON’T stop 🙂 "


    please, stop 🙂

    but seriously, thanks for the compliments guys!



    You Da Man!  Siglerisimo has a special place in his pantheon for the likes of you!  In other words:

    You ROCK!!! 

    This missive brought to you by SynapticJam

    This Pusher likes Synaptic Jam on toast – hhhmmm… tastes like chicken

    oh… hehehe…Embarassed

    and to answer your question about the feeds…

    You’ll have to add each one manually through itunes

    but you can choose either to drop the original feed or keep the orignal unfiltered feed in-case tech-tard drops something that isn’t labeled with "nocturnal" or "infected" (or misspelled!)

    I’m choosing to keep it… I just don’t trust those fingers. Tongue out

    he already did………………

    (except the pay part) 

    Damn, that’s cool!

    Didn’t even know about yahoo pipes.

    You rock my friend!

    Sigler, hire this man to help you! 


    well done, pulsar 

    does this effect the iTunes feed??


    I’ve just made two simple feeds via yahoo pipes which filter the feeds as you requested:

    If you are curious how it has been done:

    [img_assist|nid=1060|title=Feed-Filter|desc=How to filter RSS feeds using yahoo pipes.|link=node|align=middle|width=100|height=95]



    I know…  I just hope if he’s going to rule us all under his iron fist, that he can get at least 1 silicon finger to control the internet with. Tongue out 

    but it is the Techtard we are talking about………. 

    I agree, we cope (been here since Earthcore)- but we’ve never had TWO novels at once, have we???

    So this is a section to make suggestions- and dang-it that’s my suggestion. 

    this feed was bloodcast: the rookie

    then it was just bloodcast

    then it became, naturally, the Nocturnal,

    now it is Infected 

    we junkies learn to cope, cause it is what we do, after all, the Sigmeister (DAMN HIM) is NEVER late with an episode….

    Consider this just a request-

    Though I haven’t yet listened to Infected’s first chapter ( gee I’m only trying to finish my disserrtation Sigler- thanks for the extra distraction)

    Can you AT LEAST make the official feed read that is it for BOTH Noctural and Infected?!

    I just went to get my episode of Noctural only to not find it- why because it’s become INFECTED! (Yes pun intended)…

    Look, my feebile mind can only handle so much change at this point- most of the little power I have is being directed at writing science- (why must these people like dissretations to be so damn wordy) so trying to find my podcasts shouldn’t be a chore!

    Heck if you are so powerful- you could even get a second feed going you know! And slowly lead the horde to attack two feeds and begin your domination of the internet too! I mean you only have how many thousands of domain names? Couldn’t you begin to do the same with RSS feeds?

    That is all…

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