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Junkies in podcasts

  • Where ya been lately oh Mathgod, uh besides twitter? 🙂

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    Not that I am that concerned about it, but yes, I have listened to almost everything scott has released. (not starter yet, as I tend to download them all and then listen to them in succession, rather than having weekly withdrawals).

    OJ’s, they have their recognition, it’s just the people inbetween OJ and shoutouts.


    PS. Must suck being you, knowing there is someone else out there with your name, after all, Scott or the Evil Queen would not make such a simple misteak as to mention a junkies name twice!


    i have heard my name so many times…. Oh wait… that was something else.

    however….. as in him doing a shout out of older junkie names?? (older as in OJ old) I do not see him doing that. it takes a fair amount of time. But then i am not worried about getting my name mentioned (Have you listened to Nocturnal?? i got my name in there twice.)

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    I will admit, I am not too active on this site, but I am an avid listener of Scott’s audio books and have some of his books in my bookshelf.

    I have not been a junkie long enough to be an OJ (I missed out by about a month), but I have been a memer long enough to pre-date the junkie lists in Scott’s podcasts. 🙁

    Any chance of some of us older members hear our name sometime 😉

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