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Join The SS Elite (Scott Siglers elite) – Discuss world domination

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    Naw, that just means were part of the regular infantry, this is our FDO’s COMMANDOS!!!! I love APC’s, so crunchy!!!

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    Might I recommend the Sigler Ascendancy Service, or SAS.
    One shot one kill? Please, I don’t have that kind of time.

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    As the tanks roll in they should be blaring some ear splitting bagpipe music.
    I think it would raise the suicide rate ten fold.
    One shot one kill? Please, I don’t have that kind of time.

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    Obviously we aren’t all going to die. Hence the need for administrators. I figure I’d be good in this role passing the obvious laws, like a licence to breed, harsher punishments for law breakers and so on…

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    Now he knows where you live!!! He’s going to kill you someday anyway.

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    If I was a General in the Sigler Army, my pre-invasion tactics would include:

    • Putting hallucinogens and mind control drugs into the water supplies of major cities
    • Adding subliminal messages to YouTube videos and television shows
    • Pro-Sigler propaganda campaign
    • Using the Ludovico technique or hypnosis on key officials
    • Customizing a platoon of tanks by painting my clan tartan on them and adding high tech weapons.
    • High tech weapons include (but are not limited to): Active Denial System, Puke Ray, and Metal Storm

    When my platoon of customized plaid tanks roll through the streets of America’s major cities, the following will occur:

    • The hallucinogens will cause people people to claw their eyes out, run screaming into the path of my tanks, or submit to the will of Sigler.
    • Most will submit to the will of Sigler. The rest will be converted or driven to insanity.
    • Scenarios very similar to the ones depicted in George Romero’s “The Crazies” will occur in cities that I don’t like.
    • Supermodels targeted by one of my custom mind control drugs will suddenly hate clothing instead of food.
    • The aforementioned supermodels will decide to join Francis Olivieri’s harem.


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    SS Elite? Well, as long as you didn’t call it the “Sigler Ghestapo,” I guess it’s all good.

    My grampa Syndey would see “SS Elite” and say, “oy vey! What are they thinking with this name?”

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    Hmmm… the connotations here are not good.

    Remember what happened to the last guy who used those letters…

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    By suggesting a plan for world domintion, that would suggest that the FDO is devoid of a plan or that his plan is inferior in some way, shape or form to the suggested plan. Far be it for me to instigate but I believe any world domination plan formed by the FDO must be the correct plan….even if it includes plaid tanks.
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    And iTunes is one of if not the larges supplier of digital media world wide. So I’m going to go with an insidious underlying subliminal track on all iTunes downloads… “The end is nigh, beware the plaid tanks, buy Ancestor at your local book store…”


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    My theory is mini ‘nano mikes’ in the Twinkies… he makes hints in several of his books and blood-casts 🙂

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    Just thought it would be cool to start a forum where we can discuss what we think the FDO’s future plans for world domination might be, we could inspire him to choose one of out plans Laughing. Who knows maybe the man himself may even enlighten us, or spare the one that gets it right? The funnier the better, come-on help our FDO out.

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