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Jian and the egg

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    Jian had been looking for a genome that would have worked. When the cows had been continually failing she decided that she might try to get a working egg for comparison. 

    With regards to the implantation of an egg in her. Her nightmares refer to her possibly being pregnant and worried about having the ancestor in her with the human likeness. When the cows get too sick to eat she has a nightmare about it having human hands and tiger hands.

    "Jian looked around the barn. Some of the cows looked fine, but most showed symptoms similar to Molly McButter – Glazed eyes, protruding bones. Then she saw something move in stall forty-one. Her eyes went wide with shock an fear. It was there, and she wasn’t sleeping this time. A tiny plastic babydoll hand reached over the stall divider. A black and orange tiger paw appeared a few inches to its left.

    "no," Jian said in an inaudible whisper 

    The green snout of a tiny aligator slowly appeared from behind the wall.

    Jian shut her eyes tight and jabbed her thumbs into her stomach, sending a wave of dull  pain up her body. She gave her head one shake, then opened her eyes.

    The thing was gone."

    Rhumkorrf had been speaking to her and she hadn’t heard him.

    She was on the ancestor diet she lost 35 pounds in a matter of weeks. She was also being safe for the baby in her as she was avoiding the cafeine. She would spin the bottle of dr pepper in her hands and look at it, but wouldn’t drink it. 

    Now Why?

    1. The FDO wanted a sequel, an ancestor coming out of jians dead body would be a good start. It then mating with local wildlife to create decendents?

    2. Jian so wanted the ancestor to save lives, she wanted the project to work. Hence she created the human-ancestor genome in the first place. When she saw that the ancestors in the cows were going to be dangerous she still didn’t want the project to fail, even if they killed the cows. Hence she made a last ditch effort to save the project and people. She decided to  impregnate herself. The ancestor-human would be easier to manage than the cow’s one. It wouldn’t be able to grow as big at birth, as the womb would not hold it.  She was also hoping that having herself impregnated would make her dreams go away.

    3. She was tired and had cabin fever?

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    For the people who can’t find it; I have the pdf version from:

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    Maybe I have a different version.. but I don’t see it… Damn!  Now I gotta read the whole thing again!

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    that the FDO was describing how Jian crawled in/ slided into, the the God Machine to take a sample for evidence. Evidence of the hell she was helping to create.

    The Irishman from Ohio

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    I was thinking that because at the beggining of the book she talks about having 99% successfull probability rate with a genome on herself, but the reason she couldn’t test it on her self is because it was "immoral"

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    No chance. It would’ve been a major plot point and they would’ve been ripped to shreds, were that the case.

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    that they were talking about implanting the cows, not humans. How did you even get that from the paragraph?

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    So there is a chance she impregnated her self or the other female scientist that was at the island?

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    This came straight out of the book pages 127-128 ,”

    They needed a different kind of host. A different kind of host might make her dreams go away. She worked the Billups computer, calling up a secret program, a secret genome buried so deep in endless miles of genetic code that even teyshawn couldn’t have found it. She’d already tested this genome for viability probability. It worked. All she had to do was implant the genome into the host’s egg. Jian finished entering commands. The God Machine hissed as the airlocks sealed tight, the light turned from green to red. She could extract the egg, enucleate it, inject the new genome, stimulate the egg into mitosis and implant it into the host- all in about two hours. It wouldn’t be easy, but she could do it. She knew how to work the fiber optic camera. It was like playing one of Andy’s video games.” LIke playing a video game, while lying on your back.

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    What?    I honestly don’t remember this part of the story, and I re-read (Yes, I have one of the print relics of Siglerism) ANCESTOR a few weeks ago.

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    Why did Jian impregnate herself and what was the point of that being in the story? Was it to show how crazy she was; or did it actually have a purpose?

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