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  • I have my home jersey for the Krakens and my girlfriend just ordered me an OS1 jersey for my birthday, I really can’t wait for it to arrive. I do agree that being able to order one of the retired jerseys would be fantastic.

    Well yes many are stoked. but mostly new folks or those who didn’t know the jerseys existed.

    Jerseys came out a good while back.
    First with the away jersey orange with black
    Then the home black with orange
    Now they are redoing the away jersey orange with black in a newer style.

    So if you want the first style you have to buy one before they run out.

    Which I did.

    Number 81 Denver Ohhh yeah.

    Someday I hope to they make the retirement jersey. I’d love to get a character that’s dead or retired on one of those white jerseys.

    This link below is the main site for the makers you can browse it all at a glance that they make.


    Is anyone else as stoked about the GFL Jerseys as I am? I’ve already told my wife that I don’t care about anything else, I want a Krakens Away Jersey over anything right now.

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