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    Sundays at 6:30 or 7 PM depending on the length of the sunday night movie.

    I don’t read the script. The script reads me. – Kirk Lazarus

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    They are currently developing a movie. And fans of the show are still fighting for a third season.

    I don’t read the script. The script reads me. – Kirk Lazarus

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    I agree.  Too bad there just weren’t enough nuts to pull it off. 

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    I had no idea that it was being rerun. If I can watch it, I will (or I’ll get around to buying it on DVD someday).

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    It’s too bad that Season 2 was so short and so rushed. Having a full season instead of the 6 episodes we got would have made for better viewing. It’s possible we could have had a third season and saw the next American Revolution play out. That would have been fun stuff.

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    I know this is lame bringing back a thread that has been inactive for like 8 months but I am a huge fan of this super addicting show and in my opinion I think it should be required viewing for all junkies. Not to mention it just started reairing sunday nights, just kinda throwing that out there.

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    I can say there are not many shows I would spend watching for an entire saturday.  But Jericho is one that is worth doing if you have the time.  I tis well written and is a good blend of action and drama.  Its what a post apocolyptic drama should be. booyah.

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    I too loved the show.  Wish we could see how the new American Revolution played out.

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    Great Show
    Loved how the fans got together to save it.


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