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JC Hutchins

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    I disagree because we’re talking about his Facebook page.

    A Facebook page is the digital equivalent of a living room. This is especially true for Hutchins. He chooses to let people in and they can comment on whatever he’s talking about.

    Topics usually include his screenwriting, favorite movies, comic books, pop music divas, and content that his friends have created.

    He treats his fans politely, answers their questions, and expects the same politeness in return.

    I’m not friends with him on Facebook because I want him to talk about my favorite topics. I’m friends with him because he posts interesting things that I occasionally comment on.

    Sometimes he posts things that are very useful or cool. Examples would be Content Rules (useful) or Last Exit To Nowhere (cool).

    Right now New Media is about getting to know people, telling them what your favorite songs or movies are, dropping pop culture references, and posting pictures of your cat, dog, or parrot.

    Watching how Hutchins interacts with his fans is a learning experience that I would recommend for people who are interested in becoming marketers and/or digital content creators.

    I hope that answers your question.


    “I love the smell of dead triangles in the morning…The smell, you know that rotting smell…smells like victory”

    —Perry Dawsey paraphrasing Robert Duvall

    Is anyone else a friend of Hutchins on facebooK? Is it just me or is he spending way too much time on Facebook saying nothing…

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