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  • Can’t the owner of this site see how many epesodes are being downloaded?

    Yeh take this advice, it also allows Scott to count you as a junkie downloading the podcasts, because iTunes apparently keeps a cache, so Scott can’t count his podcasters properly unless you are subscribed to his feedburner feed

    I did that but it doesn’t have newest epesode.

    go to the advanced settings on your iTunes library and select ‘subscribe to podcast’. then enter the url for sigler’s podcast:

    This will give you a direct link to the newest episode (which should start downloading right away) and links to previous episodes that you can get.

    hope this helpsĀ 

    By the way, Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

    Ok my ISP set my DL limit for downloading audio files 5kbs (since Im downloading so many podiobooks) and Im usualy not on my computer long enough to download a full epesode, So I downloaded Itunes but it is not up to date with newest nocturnal and infected epesodes, anybody know when Itues gets them on it?

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