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It's only 12:42AM

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    i am here almost all the workday (8-4 cst) and some evenings

    so where are you during those times?? HUM??……………..
    check out PG Holyfields stuff…….
    (You don’t want to disappoint the voices)

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    Sorry, double post

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    The one night that I can’t keep my eyes open past 9pm (missed Torchwood dammit!) is the one night you notice.
    I’m freakin on all the time… Because I’m on my cell phone (thank the lord for wifi hotspots) which I would never be without. Also, Scotty is worldwide. I’m in the UK, so 12.42 am eastern is i think 4/5/6.42 am here… I don’t understand daylight savings. Scott, when you become universe overlord can you destroy it. It was introduced here for the goddamn Scottish farmers, who quite frankly do not listen to sigler, so even though they live in SCOT(t)land and are SCOTTish, they don’t appreciate you at all.
    My thoughts this week: Waiting is an essential part of junkie life.
    John Barrowman has amazing teeth and he hugs well good. I love him so much. What a waste.

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    Im the only one on here at all at the moment and…
    It’s 7:55pm here meaning its about 8 am where you Americans are at!

    Junkies get your sh*t straight, sleep is for the weak and pathetic junkies (and pushers)

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    It’s not even 1AM and I’m the only junky online. Seriously, Herr Sigler, doesn’t that make you mad? I would think you’d be shooting to keep us up in dread until at least 3AM. Maybe everyone else’s internet connection is down.

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